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My Latest Classical Piano Recordings

March 25, 2019
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Hi everyone and thank you firstly for your support in what I do artistically

I have been busy over the past months with many of my live classical piano recordings, all of which are globally distributed through Wolfe Records and Sony ATV.  From Schumann to Mozart to Beethoven to Liszt – I recorded hours of piano performances and wanted to get that body of work out early in 2019.   I am currently in the middle of writing my new club album, replete with warped psychedelic overtones and hypnotic house music sensibilities.  We have had millions of streams since the launching of our labels, several Top 20 Billboard records in Canada and the USA, and a wonderful reception with our film and TV production work with IMAX.
I have a lot to share with you all this year, and whether it be supporting my classical piano recordings, or my commercial radio releases, or my late night club releases – I am grateful in that you care about what I do artistically.  May all of you have a great 2019 year and please stay tuned for my latest updates and record releases.
I’ll also be at Miami Music Week so be sure to say “Hi” if you see me and be sure to follow me on Instagram for the latest updates!

Glenn Morrison