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Includes remixes from Quivver, Redanka, Matt Lange, Omid16, and Jeremy Olander

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The 100th release on any record label is always a special milestone.  A celebration of accomplishment, of history, of a sense of purpose which has resonated a chord amongst those who care to follow in the path of the labels sound. We are so proud to have label owner Glenn Morrison present one of his best works to date, with an unbelievable remix package to boot. Mine & Yours is a melancholic journey, with atmospheric pads and soaring vocal reverb swells, to emotional piano chords which characterize Glenn’s sound so well, to the floaty vocals of Elise who carry the record as a whole.  On the remix duties come a genius mix from the likes of Matt Lange, whose dubstep version is so above and beyond what is currently out on the market right now.  Matt is setting the standard for insane dubstep and glitch hop cutting and production.  Quivver needs no inroduction and his remix is fantastic. Very brooding and within a dark progressive house lens. The Redanka remix has a bit more upbeat feel with crunchy drums and a fantastic string laden post break section. Jeremy Olander’s mix is his best work to date, with a very hypnotic feel that characterizes his shows for when he performs with Eric Prydz.  Jeremy is a rising star and is a great musician.  Omid 16B is such a legend in the industry with close ties to Bedrock and his own SexonWav label, and he brings a very Detroit inspired tech house approach, whilst still utilizing Elise’s amazing vocals. And lastly, Glenn Morrison’s Club Mix is a stadium filled big room house bomb, with massive chordal stabs in the main breakdown, to a side-chained baseline which is so characteristic of his trademark sound, to the epically smooth vocals of Elise juxtaposing the melodic arps in the verse section.  Overall this is a truly special release that we all hope you will appreciate and hats off to 100 amazing releases on Morrison Recordings.  We couldn’t have done it without you and we aim to bring you forward thinking and intelligent dance music of all genres.

Glenn Morrison – Mine & Yours feat. Elise
Written & Produced by Glenn Morrison, Matt Lange, & Elise Legrow.
Vocal Tracking & Production at Sony Music ATV, Toronto, Canada.
Mastering at Alpine Mastering, Toronto, Canada.
Morrison Recordings Copyright 2012. MOR0100.
Glenn Morrison Publishing by Sony Music ATV.
Elise Legrow Publishing by Sony Music ATV.
Matt Lange Publishing by IsoRhythm Music / Warner Chappell.

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